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Matsue "Dan Dan" Food Festival
6th January`18th March
Various Places in Matsue City
Winter foods such as Matsuba Crabs which represent seafood of the Japan Sea, the seven delicacies of Lake Shinji, which are abound in Lake Shinji, and Shimane beef, which is highly valued nationwide, are all considered culinary treasures in Matsue. The Matsue "Dan Dan" Food Festival is an event whereby chefs who know everything there is to know about these culinary delights, prepare lavish dishes and show off their cooking ability. This festival period is jam-packed with a range of alluring events such as:
The "Dan Dan" Fair: Matsue Shinjiko Onsen and Tamatsukuri Onsen Ryokans and Hotels will be entertaining guests with gloriously special menus.
The "Dan Dan" Delicious Market: A huge gathering of stalls and booths selling Matsue cuisine
The "Dan Dan" Gourmet Festival: A luncheon buffet-style party whereby chefs in Matsue will compete against each other.
The "Dan Dan" Dinner Party: An event whereby you can enjoy a luscious evening meal while chatting to chefs and distinguished hotel owners.
The Matsue City Warrior Parade (Musha Gyouretsu)
Date & Time: 7th April (Sat) 12:30
Location: Matsue City

Come and see a beautiful period scroll unfurl before your eyes with the splendid Matsue Castle, adorned with cherry blossoms, in the background. The Matsue Warrior Parade is a festival in which the citizens of Matsue participate, rekindling an era from 400 years ago.

With the leading characters of Yoshiharu Horio, the man who laid the foundations of the city, his son Tadaushi and his grandson Tadaharu, 300 citizens of Matsue will bring to life an array of characters from the early 16th century. All participants will don period costumes and march through the city; the princesses, ladies and ladies-in-waiting looking beautiful, the armoured warriors looking heroic, and the court nobles carrying an air of refinement.

Every year we strive to make the Warrior Parade even better. We are pleased to announce that this year, the parade will feature a choreographed dance at Matsue Ohashi Bridge where the musketeers, archers, spear carriers, male and female warriors will perform a Japanese dance true to the classical Japanese style. The choreography is being directed by Mr. Shinosuke Bujima, a well-known classical Japanese dancer in Japan. Mr. Tomio Mori is the overall artistic director of the Warrior Parade, and has directed parades in Europe as well as Japan.

There is also a feast of performances being held at Matsue Castle on the same day of the parade, including a Japanese taiko drum performance by a group called Shin, Japanese Classical Dance by Shinosuke Fujima, a matchlock gun ceremony, an archery demonstration by armoured warriors, as well as a rendition of the festive Inaba Umbrella Dance by visiting artists from Tottori City.

Suigo-sai Festival
5th and 6th August
Fireworks display 5th August 20:00`20:30
Fireworks display 6th August 20:00`21:00
This is the summer festival which best represents the "water city", Matsue. It began in 1929 as the festival of Chikubu-jima Shrine on Yomegashima Island in the middle of Lake Shinji. Of particular note is the fireworks display, which lights up the night sky and which are reflected on the surface of the lake.
Suigo-sai Festival
Matsue `Suitouro`
(The illumination of Matsue Castle`s surrounding waterways and environs)
16th September- 15th October, on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
Matsue Suitouro is a festival of water and light, that offers you the opportunity to enjoy the magical view of lantern-lit waterways around Matsue Castle and adjacent to Shiomi Nawate Avenue. During this festive period, open-air stands and food stalls will be open for business in the car park in front of the castle (Ootemae Chuushajou) and at the plaza close to the Horikawa canal (Horikawa Fureai Hiroba). The Horikawa Sightseeing Boat will also be operating night cruises, enabling you to enjoy Autumn nights in the cultivated castle town of Matsue.
Matsue `Suitouro`
Matsue Do-gyoretsu Drum Parade Festival
14th and 15th October
Do-gyoretsu Drum Parade 15th October 13:30`
Nightly performance 14th October19:00`
The "do"drums,each have a diameter of two meters,are placed on large floats and are pulled by children. The drums are accompanied by flutes,and the sound of this energetic procession echoes through the city.
Matsue Do-gyoretsu Drum Parade Festival