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@For countless years Lake Shinji has, like clockwork, been a fresh or salt water body, depending on the time of day. The pulse of Matsue can be measured by the ebb and flow of the tide that surges up and down the Ohashi River. The nutrient-laden waters nurture bountiful marine life and this, in turn, is harvested to provide Matsue with a specialized local cuisine. Every morning one can watch fishermen with their long-handled baskets poling their way about the Ohashi River and pulling up their catch of shijimi shellfish, just as they have done for centuries.
@Although presenting a glum, grey face on overcast days, Lake Shinji offers a beautiful show when the weather is fine; the sunset is spectacular. The sunset can seem unnaturally picture-postcard perfect when viewed over Yome-ga-shima, the small,tree-studded island near the Lake's eastern shore.