Samurai house
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The entrance hall, drawing room and master's living room of this 260-year-old house, built during the Edo period, have been preserved in close-to-original condition. The front section of the house, consisting mainly of guest rooms, is constructed with cedar posts and straight-grain planks. While cedar is also used in the back section of the house, the planks are rougher, made from cedar bark. This difference evidences the high degree of class-consciousness of and strong distinctions made between private and public by members of the Samurai class in their daily lives. Exhibited items include a himekago (palanquin for the exclusive use of high-class ladies), a katanatansu (chest for storing swords), a noshime no kimono (semi-formal men's kimono), tools for blackening teeth (before and during the Edo period, it was customary for married women to dye their teeth black), and a kuruma nagamochi (oblong chest mounted on wheels). Next door to the Samurai House is a traditional Japanese restaurant.
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Address Matsue city, Kitahori-cho
Access 1 min walk from the Lafcadio Hearnfs Memorial Museum bus stop on the Lake-line sightseeing bus service
Telephone 0852-22-2243