Dogyoretsu Drum Parade
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This drum parade is held annually on the third Sunday in October as part of the Matsue Festival, the largest festival of the Matsue Shrine. This parade dates back to 1724, when the 5th Matsudaira Lord, Nobuzumi, married the imperial princess Iwahime. When Iwahime came from her native Kyoto to Matsue, the people of Matsue are said to have welcomed her by beating large drums they had made for the special occasion. On the day of the parade, two large drums, each measuring 2 meters across, are placed on a float. Energetic young people beat the drums skillfully as dozens of children dressed in traditional happi coats pull the float as the parade moves through the participantsf home areas, and then through the city center. The parade is a popular autumn tradition of the Sannin District.
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