Horikawa River Sightseeing Boat
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This sightseeing boat tour travels around the moat encircling Matsue Castle. Boats depart from the Matsue Horikawa Meeting Square, Kara-Koro Square, and Otemae Square. The 3.7 km trip around the moat takes about 50 minutes. The tour provides an opportunity to enjoy such beautiful scenery as Matsue Castle, the Shiroyama forest, and Shiomi Nawate as the boat rolls gently underneath. The boats are also popular during the winter season, when they are equipped with kotatsu (a low, quilt-covered table with a heating source on the underside) for the warmth of passengers.
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Address Matsue city, Kuroda-cho(Matsue Horikawa Meeting Place) , Kyoumise(Kara-Koro Square), Tono-machi(Otemae Square)
Telephone 0852-27-0417