Yakumo-tatsu Fudoki-no-Oka
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This area is said to be the birthplace of ancient Izumo culture as many old shrines and burial mounds are located here. The observation platform on the roof of the centrally located archeological museum provides a sweeping view of the patchwork of remains on the Ou Plain and the site of the ancient capital. Directly in front of the platform lie Mt. Chausu, which the people of ancient Izumo worshipped as the home of the gods, and Nakaumi Lagoon. To the east, the magnificent peak of Mt. Daisen is visible in the distance. The archeological museum houses a collection of artifacts gathered from areas throughout Shimane prefecture. These artifacts date from the Stone Age, through the Jomon (BC8,000 - BC200), Yayoi (BC300 - AD300), and Kofun (AD300 - AD700) periods, to the Ritsuryo (AD660 - late 12th Century) Period. The Fudoki Botanical Gardens are also located on the museum grounds. The botanical gardens currently contain a collection of 93 clarified flora varieties from among the many varieties described in the Izumo no Kuni Fudoki (Chronicle of Izumo Province).
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Address Matsue city, Oba-cho
Access 3 min walk from the Fudoki no Oka Entrance bus stop on the Ichibata bus service
Telephone 0852-23-2485