Fumonin Temple
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Built in the northeastern corner of the Matsue Castle grounds, Fumonin Temple was believed to prevent bad luck from entering the castle. Behind the temple once stood a bridge called the Azukitogibashi Bridge and, although the bridge itself is no longer there, a legend concerning the Azukitogibashi Bridge remains. This story, which is related in Lafcadio Hearn's "Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things," says that terrible happenings will occur if the Kakitsubata (iris) song is sung near the bridge. In the grounds of the Fumonin Temple are two teahouses of the Sansairyu School, Kangetsu-An and Bashodo. The Kangetsu-An teahouse is where Lafcadio Hearn received instruction in the art of tea ceremony.
Address Matsue city, Kitata-machi
Access 7 min walk from the Shiomi Nawate bus stop on the Lake-line sightseeing bus service
Telephone 0852-21-1095