Kamosu Shrine
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This shrine is said to be the oldest remaining example in Japan of Taisha architecture, and the main inner shrine has been designated as a national treasure. Kamosu Shrine is characterized by its elevation. The shrine is built on top of a platform supported by pillars, and the central pillars (udobashira) to the front and rear stand at an angle to the platform. Together with the nearby Kumano, Yaegaki, and Rokusho shrines, Kamosu Shrine is one of the six great Ou shrines; it is also one of the highest-ranking shrines in the Izumo area. The huge natural boulders heaped one upon the other to form the steep, time worn stairs leading up to the shrine retain an air of solemnity in keeping with the home of the gods of ancient Izumo.
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Address Matsue city, Oba-cho
Access 1 min walk from the Oba Shako bus stop on the Ichibata bus service
Telephone 0852-21-6379