Kososhi Park
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Ancient burial mounds have been moved from their original locations and reconstructed on this site, allowing visitors to experience a taste of ancient times. Of particular interest is the Kososhi-Otani No. 1 Tomb, a key-shaped burial mound measuring 45.5 m in length. The tomb has been reconstructed precisely as it was built originally, with the outer slopes tomb covered in pebbles and cylindrical haniwa clay figures standing in rows around the tomb perimeter. As they cross over the bridge to the tomb, visitors pass through 4.6 billion years of global history, from the earth's creation until the emergence of humankind. On the other side of the bridge are a children's playground and a recreation trail.
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Address Matsue city, Kososhi-cho
Access 13 min walk from Asahigaoka Station on the Ichibata train service
Telephone 0852-36-6483