Meimei-An Teahouse
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This teahouse stands on Mt. Akayama, a low hill to the north of Matsue Castle and behind the Shiomi Nawate area. It was built in 1779 under the directions of the 7th Matsudaira lord, Harusato (Lord Fumai). The honseki (main tea room) is of two tatami mats in size, with the alcove and the hearth set on opposite sides of the small room. The honseki, mizuya (preparation room), and kusarinoma (anteroom) are said to remain in their original form, and have been designated by Shimane Prefecture as important cultural properties. The waiting area on the right of the entrance is decorated with natural stones and sand symbolizing a cleansing bowl. Thanks to its location atop a low hill, the teahouse affords an excellent view of the surrounding area. In particular, from the rest area at the top of the stone stairs it is possible to glimpse Matsue castle from an unusual angle. Traditional tea and sweets are available from the affiliated teahouse, Hyakuso-Tei.
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Address Matsue city, Kitahori-cho
Access 4 min walk from the Shiomi Nawate bus stop on the Lake-line sightseeing bus service
Telephone 0852-21-9863