Matsue Castle
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Construction on Matsue Castle, the symbol of the castle town of Matsue, began in 1607 and took four years to complete. The castle was designed to withstand attack during warfare, and evidence of this can be found throughout the castle compound. Its characteristic simplicity and sturdiness are typical of castles build just after the Battle of Sekigahara (1598). In contrast to Himeji Castle's nickname of "White Heron Castle," Matsue Castle is known as the "Plover Castle." The view from the Goblin Room on the top floor, unobstructed in all four directions, is spectacular. The staircase is made of paulownia wood, and several iron bands encircle each of the structurefs pillars. The donjon houses a display of battle weapons and other historical artifacts, including a scale model of Matsue Castle which is said to have been made around the time Matsue Castle itself was built.
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Address Matsue city, Tono-machi
Access Next to the Matsue Castle bus stop on the Lake-line sightseeing bus service
Telephone 0852-21-4030