Yaegaki Shrine
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Yaegaki Shrine is dedicated to the gods of marriage, Susanoo no Mikoto and Princess Inata, who took up residence here after Susanoo no Mikoto defeated the giant eight-headed serpent, Yamata no Orochi. Within the temple grounds stand a pair of Koma Inu (stone guardian dogs). With their characteristic manes, these statues are thought to have been among the first Koma Inu erected as guardians at shrines in Japan. The small pond behind the shrine, the Mirror Pond, is popular with young women wishing to predict when they will marry using "coin fortune-telling." A coin is placed on a piece of waxed paper and floated on the pond's surface and observed to see how far and for how long the coin floats before sinking (the quicker and nearer it sinks, the better). Legend also has it the pond was once used as a mirror by the Princess Inata when she applied makeup.
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Address Matsue city, Sakusa-cho
Access Next to the Yaegaki Shrine bus stop on the Ichibata bus service
Telephone 0852-21-1148